About Us

We are a no-code financial analysis tool that works with your accounting software to simplify financial analysis. Greyleaf empowers non-finance CEOs to track their goals, understand relevant metrics and not be dependent on their account or CFO all the time.


Our Values


4 Cs of our core company values

  • Commitment: We focus on developing deep relationships with our clients. Our client’s goals become our goals. We are here to ask you questions, spot your areas of improvement and celebrate you when you attain new milestones

  • Consistency: You trust us to handle things that matter to you and we take pride in delivering results time and again with the highest standards. We love challenges, we don’t shy away from problems and we take full ownership of the work we sign up for.

  • Collaboration: We realize how well synergies work and hence our core model is based on the partnership of human expertise and Tech-backed innovative systems. We look forward to collaborating with newer and better people and machines to ensure that we deliver the best results to our clients.

  • Communication: We are available for our clients all the time. Just because we have foolproof technology, doesn't mean that we undermine the importance of human interactions and transparent communication. For you, our experts are always, just a message away. We are here to listen, understand and act accordingly.